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About Us

The Glow Doctor Lab, DMV'S #1 Wellness Spa believes in the owners saying "The Glow starts within and shines through the skin. Most believe that a spa experience is a luxury but we believe it is a NECESSITY.  We provide a luxury experience and offer a Glow Getter Membership to include self care in your regular routine for an affordable price. Luxury without breaking the bank. With the customer experience being our number one goal, we believe that no matter how you feel when you walk through our doors, you will leave GLOWING inside and out!  

Luxury Spa


Our mission is to provide upstanding customer service and inspire women, men and teens to treat their health, wellness and skincare as a priority. 

About the Owner

Designing her work on a foundation of passion, Lanea Cierra (aka The Glow Doctor) is a respected esthetician who aims to deliver rich educative beauty support that drives new levels of confidence, self-esteem, and radiating glow. As the proud Owner of the Glow Doctor Lab and creator of The Glow Doctor Skincare product line, Lanea has a strong background on making skincare an easy process and enjoys every moment in leveraging that to provide her clients the glowing results they deserve. 

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